Kia Ora and Welcome



Huapai is known for its fruit.

I have always believed you can judge a tree by its fruit.

I’d like to believe, the fruit of what we desire to see in thinking, in learning and in the

character is evident in the quality and depth of our children.

School’s should be places where children can grow, flourish and produce outcomes that

reflect the effort our staff and children put into learning. I so believe in the opportunities,

expectations and gifts a school can endower on our children. I want to see our children as

strong, confident and articulate learners.

At Huapai District School we talk of seeds of greatness (C’s of greatness). These are the

qualities we desire to see evident in our children. These include confidence, curiosity,

creativity, collaboration, communicator, compassion, commitment and citizenship.

Having just recently joined the school, I am excited and really positive of what we have in

front of us. The hopes and dreams we all carry and the expectation that within our school

these dreams and hopes will come to fruition.

I look forward to sharing some of our vision and structure for our school with you.

John Petrie



Our Huapai District School learning community is excited to extend a warm and friendly welcome to new students and families.

A sense of family and community is a strength of our school and we encourage our students to live by a set of values that will help them be positive contributors to the communities they grow up in.

We are all learners at Huapai and we know, if we work together, a strong sense of team and success can be achieved.

Our vision is to engage, extend and empower our learners.  We aim to be responsive to the needs of each individual and personalise a set of learning experiences that are both meaningful and motivating.

“What’s best for the children” is central to all decision making.

Our school is forward thinking and future focused on ensuring students receive the very best learning opportunities to prepare them for their future.

We look forward to working with you to ensure your time at Huapai is full of learning, opportunity, fun and great times together.