All the students at our school are placed into a house organisation. The house names relate to four significant features of our district that collectively make Huapai unique. They are :


Huawhenua (red) - meaning fruit of the land and relates to our orchards.





Moananui (blue) - meaning big water and relates to our wild west coast beaches like Piha, Muriwai and Bethells.




Ngahere (green) - meaning forest areas like Riverhead and Woodhill.




Akaroa (purple) - meaning the long vine and relates to our strengths as a grape growing and wine area.




In each house there are a selection of Year 1 to 8 students. Throughout our school day and year there are opportunities at lunchtimes, assemblies or event days like tryathlon for students to earn points for their house. This culminates at the final assembly where everyone waits to see who has won the Huapai District School house trophy.


The aim of our house events is to promote teamwork, pride, fun, competition and meeting other students in our learning community.