Information A-Z


If your child is to be absent from school, please notify the school by phone prior to 8.55am.  When the child returns to school, could parents or caregivers please supply a note detailing days absent and the reason/s.  Remember to indicate if your child is a bus student so we can take them off the bus rolls due to absence.  Medical appointments are acceptable during school hours, but any additional lessons/instruction should be scheduled for after school hours.


After School Care Programme        

School’s Out is based at the school and runs from 7.00 – 8.30am before school and 3.00 – 6.00pm after school.

School’s Out is an approved programme and OSCAR (Out of School Care and Recreation) childcare subsidies are available from WINZ.  For all School’s Out enquiries, please contact Sandra Schick on 412-7343 or 027 226 8090.



Generally held on Friday afternoons from 2.15 – 2.50pm.  This sharing time provides opportunities for children to present samples of school work, plays and to celebrate others’ successes.  Certificates are presented and we have an occasional sing-along.  Parents and friends of the school are welcome to attend.  New children to the school are introduced on their first assembly and given a certificate.



We bank with ANZ who has been a tremendous support to our school.  We ask parents to consider ANZ when looking at banking options.


Board of Trustees    

The Huapai District School BOT consists of elected members, whose role is to oversee the running of the school and take a lead in school activities.  Meetings are held monthly at the school.

The Board of Trustees is made up of the Principal, a staff representative and seven parent representatives. The current board is:

Alice Rose – Chairperson

Erica Wills – Finance, Deputy Chair

Tanja Lyon – Secretary

Rob Mihaljevich – Property

Andrew Barber – Property

Brendan O’Connell – Montessori

Tim Henwood – Maori

Allisa Holbrow – Staff

Kevin Cronin – Principal

The BOT minutes are on display on the office foyer bookstand “HDS Information Station”.


Book Club                

Children have the opportunity to buy great paperback books at a reasonable price through Lucky Book Club and Scholastic.  This offer is available once a term when a catalogue is sent home with each child.  Books are usually distributed 1-2 weeks later.


Books – Care of Books                    

All children need to have a sealable book bag that is big enough to fit the books they borrow from the school library.  If you do not have something suitable, library book bags can be purchased (in a varied selection of colours) from the school office for $5.50.


Bus Rolls and Conduct           

In the morning, parents are responsible for ensuring that children are on time and safe while waiting for the bus to arrive.  After school, children who travel on the school bus will assemble outside the school library for the checking of bus rolls.  If you have not informed the office but are picking up your child, please check in for the bus roll and tell the person in charge.


Bus Routes and Times       

Bus transport is provided by Ritchies.  Please ask the school office for a copy of the notice advising the roads that our bus route covers.


Car Parking               

Please avoid parking across the road and letting your child cross the road alone.

Please use the pedestrian crossing and be models of safe practice for children.

These roads are very dangerous at the beginning and end of the school day.


Care and Protection               

This has become a major issue in schools.  If there are any matters of custody and care, please inform the office and provide a legal copy of the custody / care arrangements.  Please make the office aware of any legal rights regarding access to your child/ren (a copy of documentation is required).  If you, as a Primary Caregiver, are taking your child/ren out of school during the day, please inform the class teacher in advance.  If someone other than a Primary Caregiver is coming to pick up your child/ren, then the office needs notification from you that this is acceptable, and as above, they must check in to the office before they leave the school grounds.  Thank you for your support here.  We need to know that the students are safe with the right people for the right reasons during school hours.



It is compulsory for school uniform to be worn at school each day and when representing the school at various events.  Please ensure your child has the correct uniform (the office has these details) and that the uniform is well named.


Concerns and Complaints        

If something happens at school that you are unhappy with, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  The following procedure is requested.

  1. Contact the class teacher by note, email, or by organising an appointment through the office.
  2. If you are still not satisfied, arrange a meeting (again, through the school office) with the Team Leader, AP/DP and then if you feel necessary, the Principal.
  3. If you are still not happy, write to the Board of Trustees.  A copy must be given to the Principal.  The matter will be discussed at the next Board meeting.


Contacting Teachers             

Feel free to leave a message for a teacher at school anytime.  If you need to speak with a teacher directly however, please do so before or after school.  Please do not phone to speak with teachers on Mondays or Tuesdays after school as staff are involved in professional development meetings until 4.30pm.


Dental Clinic           

The Weta Mobile Dental Clinic alternates between several West Auckland schools.  Their direct line is:  832-2116.


Emergency Plan       

The school has an Emergency Plan to guide staff and students in the event of an emergency.  The assembly area is the field in front of Rooms 1-4.  If there is an unwelcome intruder there is a “lock-in” procedure for staff and students to follow.


Extra-curricular Highlights        

These are notified well in advance in the school newsletter and Term Overview with the exact date.  Homenotes precede any out of school experience.



The school, through the PTA, is involved in fundraising activities. 


Hazards Register     

If you see something in our school environment that is not safe for students or teachers, please let the office know and we will place it on the work register for our caretaker.


Home School Communication          

The HSC email provides the opportunity to share learning and school life.  The HSC outlines reading, spelling and learning as well as other information that needs to be shared between the teachers, students and parents.  It is an essential communication tool that will be emailed home on a Monday.


Interhouse Sport    

We often have sports days where children are encouraged to wear their house colours.  We have four house names, that are linked to our school’s mission and vision.  Houses are: Huawhenua (red),  Ngahere (green), Akaroa (purple) and Moananui (blue).



Every child in Huapai District School is encouraged to lead by example.  We provide opportunities for pupils to take leadership roles in our school in many forms - Assembly Leaders, House Captains, Crossing Monitors, School Librarians, PE Shed Monitors and Bus Monitors.  Senior pupils also assist with the school duties.



Our school has a well-resourced library.  The library operates as an extension of the classroom during school hours.  Children are encouraged to borrow books to read at home on a regular basis.  You are most welcome to come and choose a book with your child.  There will be a charge for books lost or damaged beyond repair.


Lost Property          

We ask parents to name all children’s clothing and belongings that come to school so that it can be returned if lost. Unnamed property is put into the Lost Property, which is stored in the hall foyer.  Children need to take responsibility for checking for lost items.


Lunchtime Activities 

We are fortunate to have staff who are willing to give up their lunch times to provide activities for children to participate in.  These include sporting, cultural and musical opportunities.

The lunch time sports include:  swimming relays, softball, soccer, hockey, badminton, netball, Karetu tag, running relays, tug-of-war, volleyball, dodgeball, longball, scrugby and water slides.  Our library is open for children to work, read or research in.


Medical Information 

If your child has any medical condition of which the school should be aware, please notify the school immediately.  If your child requires medication to be kept at school, please label it carefully with name and instructions and it will be locked in the medicine cabinet (the exception to this is asthma medication which should be carried by the child).  You will be required to fill out a form consenting to staff administering the medication.  Our office staff have First Aid training.  If your child is unwell at school we will endeavour to contact you.  If we are unsuccessful we will try to reach the contact person you have given as an emergency contact.  If we are still unable to contact anyone and the child requires medical assistance, we reserve the right to arrange this on your behalf, which may include arranging an ambulance.



This year there will be specialist music teaching across all age groups.  The formation of groups wanting to learn an instrument, join a band, or be part of a special group will springboard from their music time.


New Entrant Enrolments           

Parents enrolling a 5 year old for the first time should call in to the office to pick up an enrolment pack, which will contain all the necessary forms to be completed.  Huapai District School encourages prospective enrolments to visit prior to their 5th birthday so that they can become familiar with the school environment, teachers, pupils, school routines and meet the Principal.  Times for these visits can be arranged by contacting the school office.



This is posted here on the website on Thursday each week.  The newsletter is our main way of staying in touch as a school community.  You can sign up to receive it in your email inbox or visit the Newsletter's page to view.



Outdoor Education/School Camps     

We have a comprehensive school camp programme.  During your child’s time at Huapai District School they will experience a minimum of three camps at a variety of venues with a variety of experiences.  Parent volunteers are a key part of our programmes.


Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) 

The PTA plays an important role in the school community, running various social and fundraising activities.  This effective and committed group assists the school in many essential ways. This year’s funds will support extra computers in classrooms and specialist music teaching across the school.  The PTA welcomes all parents to their monthly meetings, which are advertised in the newsletter.


PTA Uniform Shop

This is open every Friday between 2.30pm and 3.15pm in the PTA shed.  Contact Rachael Perry on 027 241 7851 for more information.


Parent Tutor Reading and In-Class Parent Helpers               

These work very successfully and involve parents working alongside teachers and children.  Reading tutors work directly with a child providing extra support in reading, and receive some basic training for this role.  Please contact the class teacher directly to become involved.


Parent/Caregiver Support    

As a school we very much appreciate and encourage the involvement of adult supporters in the school programme.


Parents/Caregivers/Grandparents may wish to become involved in in-class activities such as Parent Tutor Reading  as a regular time commitment (please arrange with class teacher), or as general helpers with more time flexibility (please let the office know).  We would like to hear from you regarding any special hobbies or skills you could share (e.g. gardening, accounting, carpentry, welding, pottery, love of reading, sports training etc), or if you feel you can support the school in any way.



The school has a black and white, and a colour photocopier.  Individuals and groups are welcome to do copying at a nominal charge.  Please avoid Thursdays as this is newsletter day and copiers are in use.


Each pupil performs at 3 reading levels –

  1. Independent Level – the level which can be read with ease and can be easily understood by the child.  This is the level usually selected for “home reading” or when reading simply for enjoyment.
  2. Instructional Level – the level used by teachers for instruction.  Children will meet some “difficulties” and are placed in a position where they can use and develop their reading skills.
  3. Frustration Level – the level which is too difficult and more often than not, a cause for children to become negative about reading.  This level is a “no no”.

The most common form of “testing” reading for NZ teachers is a RUNNING RECORD.  This form of testing provides information about the level of reading material which can be coped with and also critical information about the skills and strategies being used by the child.

Teachers are only too willing to share the results of their assessment in reading and can give clear indications of the levels being achieved.  This will, in some cases, be done by reference to a “reading age”.


School Hours         

School starts at 8.55am each morning and finishes at 3.00pm.  Children should be at school no earlier than 8.30am.  They should have enough time to put their things away neatly and prepare for their day.  The school does not have early closing on wet days.


Special Programmes 

The school supports an extensive range of Special Programmes to accommodate a wide range of student needs in academic, sporting, cultural and personal fields.



Stationery lists for each year level are available on our website, and will be sent home at the end of each year so that you can purchase all requirements over the holidays and have your child ready for school work on Day 1.  Stationery replacement notices will be sent home as necessary.


Sun Safe                

Children are encouraged to take sensible precautions against the sun.  Sunhats and sunblock are compulsory in Term 1 and Term 4.  Be sure to name your child’s hat.  Sunhats can be purchased from the school office in small, medium and large sizes for $14.50.



During swimming season all children are expected to swim every day unless you have notified the school in writing.  During this time, children should come to school with their togs, towel and swim bag every day.


Tech Arts               

Our Year 7 and 8 students experience a range of Specialist Technology options at Taupaki School technology suite.  This is at a cost of $92 per year.  They experience arts options at our school.



Students are permitted to ride bikes, skateboards, roller blades or scooters in the school grounds on designated days, and in designated areas.  Parents who allow their child to bike to school should ensure that they are a competent rider, aware of road safety and that they wear appropriate protective clothing and a helmet.


Working Bees           

Maintenance of the school grounds cannot be completed with caretaking hours available to us, therefore from time to time, working bees are arranged to help with the upkeep of the grounds and buildings e.g. gardens, play equipment and gutterings.  We appreciate all assistance