Mathematics at Huapai District School

Every class has at least 4 hours of maths each week usually in the middle block of the day.  A variety of different approaches across the school are used depending on the age, stage and needs of the learners.

For example

  •   teaching groups

  •   workshops - compulsory and opt-in

  •   problem solving

  •   learning activities - practical and digital

  •   teacher engaged with students

  •   lots of learning talk, questioning and friendly arguing

  •   critical thinking

  •   practice activities


Planning and teaching is based on the information gained from regular assessment and analysis of data.  For number and algebra, lessons include the teaching of knowledge, strategies and problem solving. Learning through the other strand areas of geometry and measurement, and statistics is linked to our inquiry learning context. It is important to us at Huapai District School that students can see and make sense of the many connections within and across these strands, and understand how mathematics is part of the world that we live in.


An outline of the weeks planning is available at the beginning of the week. This should relate to unit plans (from NZ maths or strand). Weekly plans will include a learning goal for each lesson and details of follow up activities aligned to teaching. Regular tracking of the learning is used to inform future teaching and learning.


Numeracy testing is carried out twice a year or whenever needed.  School wide data is collected and analysed twice a year and results are reported to parents, Board of Trustees and the Ministry of Education in a relevant format for each group.


What you would expect to see in the classrooms:

  • Learning outcomes visible
  • Task boards/dashboard

  • Modelling of the learning

  • Group teaching

  • Appropriate resources

  • Children engaged in their learning

  • Children who can talk about their learning and their goals

  • Children who can make independent choices around their learning

  • Problem solving

  • Fluid grouping to match the needs of the learners


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