Montessori@ Huapai District School was established in 2005 through the collaboration of a dedicated group of parents and the management and Board at Huapai District School.

‘Room 17’ enables the Montessori Primary pedagogy to be delivered with the support and structure of the main school environment and the New Zealand National Curriculum. The class is well integrated with the wider school community. We participate in the “Learning Community” shares, athletics, music, and band, shared teas and cultural activities weekly and throughout the year.

The class now has a vibrant and growing 6-9 cohort (Years 1-4) and is building its ability to support a 9-12 group (currently cover Years 5 & 6).

Our Programme involves:

 Values and character development;

 Hands on experience, investigations and research;

 High standards for all students;

 Development of self discipline and internal sense of motivation;

 Love for nature and outdoor education;

 Collaboration and community service;

 A structured and integrated curriculum to demonstrate connections among different subjects (language, math, geography, culture, geometry, art and practical life skills).


Key Elements:

Well-trained adults;

Specially prepared environments;

Free choice with responsibility


The Montessori Curriculum:

 Everything is interrelated. One lesson leads to many others;

 The child moves from concrete toward abstract understanding;

 We always work from the big picture to increasing details;

 Every three years major themes in the curriculum are studied again

in increasing levels of abstractness.


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