Strategic Goals 2016


HDS VISION     -     ENGAGE, EXTEND, EMPOWER                                               

Our school vision and children will be at the forefront of all decision-making. 


Our Learning                                                                

  • All students are to show progress in their achievement in relation to national standards in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • All students who are achieving below or well below national standards in reading, writing and maths will be part of target groups and programmes aimed to accelerate their learning progress.
  • The national priority groups of Maori, Pasifika, Asian and students with special education needs will be part of our target setting and actions in the annual plan.


Our Direction                                                                                     

  • Our integrated inquiry approach is empowering students to have choices in how and what they learn.
  • Students are making connections to their own experiences, their community and globally.
  • Students are empowered to use e-learning to support their learning across the curriculum.
  • Our assessment and reporting framework captures the learning and progress of the whole child. Students are empowered to lead their reporting process                                                                    

Our Community                                                                                              

  •  To further support our families to use eLearning as a tool to access positive educational information and programmes.
  • To ensure the ongoing culture of collaboration in our growing community.
  • To share with parents our goals for the future and invite them to look at ways to involve and enhance community learning.
  • To embed the principles of Tātaiako in our learning community.


Our Resources

  • To manage our school budget effectively so that school initiatives like our new learning environments, technology, teaching specialists and learning assistants can be resourced appropriately.

  • With our site development plan, ensure we are focused on providing modern learning environments that embrace 21st century teaching and learning.


Our Culture

  • Students and staff are empowered to live the vision and values in their everyday learning, school practice and interactions.
  • Te Ao Maori will have a valued and visible presence in our school, and Tātaiako and Ka Hikitia (Accelerating Success) principles will be applied throughout our school environment.
  • Leadership opportunities will exist in many layers for students, staff and parents.


 Our Team

  • To further unpack what working collaboratively means as we move to modern learning environments and quality teaching and learning.
  • To incorporate the strengths, talents, quality teaching and learning of our staff in team planning.
  • Teacher professional development will be aligned to the needs of students, staff and current BEST practice.


In our strategic plan we will also have Regular Goals which describe the “business as usual” activities of the Board of Trustees, and Key Performance Indicators that will help us assess the progress we are making.